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Where I’ve Been & Where I Am

A big thanks to everyone who still finds me invading their inbox or RSS reader.

I’m going to be writing a lot more going forward, but things will change a bit. It’s like that time you told your dog she was going to the park and really you were taking her to the vet.

(Your intentions were great, by the way.)

I’ve always written extensively about my relationships on this blog in the past, and I’m not sure that will go away. I can’t really write without including the deeply personal stuff.

But…I am sure that I’m a different person than I was when this blog started. I’ve gotten into the frame of mind that nearly anything is possible if you dive in head first, learn as much as you can as fast as you can, and stay close to amazing people.

The last few years have been transformative, and I’m passionate about the role that technology plays in our lives. I need to explore that with you, and I hope that while I do that it will benefit you (no matter how much you think about tech).

As to the title of this post, I’ve been through the amazing process of being a first time startup founder. To all the people out there who’ve started businesses or hope to start one some day, I’m going to do my best to share my experience (finally).

Today, I’m working on another startup that two friends founded, hell bent on helping them turn their already measurable success into a true game changer. It’s brought me back to San Francisco, a city I adore on every level and a community I’m deeply excited to be a part of.

Going forward; moar writing.

Serving Size Friends

I caught an early plane to San Francisco this morning by jumping on a flight that was headed to a different airport.

It’s the second time I’ve flown into San Francisco booked into Oakland Airport and having ended up at SFO.  What a convenient move to be able to make.  I just figure out which flights are leaving the soonest, and I try like bananas to get on it.

Super stuff.

Popping up out of the train station at Embarcadero is always a really refreshing feeling.  That part of this city has some grit to it, and it’s familiar grit so I always feel like I’ve ‘arrived’.  Boom, back in the Bay.  Palo Alto just a train ride away.

I only said that because it rhymed.

I sat next to an older woman who asked me, “are you a student?” the second I sat down.

Laughing, I asked her if I looked like a student, because I’d been asked the same question last week on my flight back from Austin.

She recoiled and said that I actually didn’t, but that the plane seemed full of kids her son’s age, and she was wondering if it was Spring Break time up in Seattle, where our plane was leaving from.  I told I thought there was a decent chance there was an exodus of sorts happening.

“You look like a very mature young man, sir, and I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise.  You probably run a tech startup in the Silicon Valley and have a very proud mother.”

I laughed, and told her about Foodtree.

She in turn told me about her attempts to study and capture real information on the way we all behave when thinking about our energy use.  Things like our hopes to behave a certain way, and how we actually behave.  Her thoughts on how to aggregate data and make use of it were refreshingly relevant to our thoughts around the long tail affect of our work in Vancouver.

Fascinating connection.

Yes, this conversation happened on a flight to an airport I wasn’t booked to fly to.

“It’s so nice to meet someone who gets the general ideas behind what I’m doing right away,” we both said to one another.

You just have to love strangers, right?