well today probably couldn’t find me more miserable.

yeah, we all could agree that valentine’s day might make most people miserable, and i’ll give you that in light of my somewhat recent break-up (which i haven’t given much attention to on this blog, because i don’t think she’d appreciate me broadcasting her business to the world). the misery i experience in the wake of that particular event is certainly highlighted by cupid’s holiday…

but it doesn’t help that i’m so worn out, i may have lost my cell phone last night, and there seems to be a black cloud hanging over my life and the lives of a lot of people around me. one the best guys i know was cheated on last weekend, and without taking any emphasis off of the gravity of the incident itself, what happened seemed to add fuel to a fire that’s been burning for weeks, if not months, around here.

call it a bad karma streak or just call me a whiner, but it seems like too much total crap is happening to me and my closest friends.
i want it to end.
i’d like it to end before we all go to vegas next weekend, because i can only imagine what this cold streak will do for us there.
i don’t know.
maybe i am just a whiner.

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