i have exactly six minutes to blog before i have to go dominate an indoor soccer game on a converted basketball court and probably against former hockey players or former aspiring hockey players all of whom for forty five minutes will care only about our particular game and how they can feed their insatiable egos.


the anna awards were announced this morning, and the four women who won are probably my four favorite blogs right now. i’d actually forgotten about flagrant disregard for a while, but goddamn is that one of the most interesting blogs on earth.

xtx, oak park mastermind, and the pants all rock my mind on a regular basis. they’re like albums i just can’t take out of my car cd changer.

congratulations ladies. women rule blogging.

the pic on the right comes from the detox: finalgirl, who didn’t win an award but would have been a runner up in my book.

that was seven minutes gotta go.

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