i’m at northwestern at 7:30am on a saturday morning and i’m the only one here because i’m a full half hour early for a class i have all day today.

i’m not the kind of person who shows up early on saturday mornings.

i show up early when i walk outside, expecting to see my car, and don’t.

expecting to have to find parking downtown and maybe grab a coffee or bite to eat before class begins.

expecting to just make it on time.

but this morning, i walked out to a street with no cars on it. a street totally barren and leaving no questions as to the answer to what was running through my sleepy head.

“what the fuck happened to my car?”

i mean, sometimes this kind of thing takes a few minutes to really figure out…you figure maybe you parked it somewhere further down the block.

this wasn’t like that. this was more like, “where are all the cars?”

obviously, most of them were probably moved by their owners, who read the “no parking when there’s more than 2 inches of snow in chicago” signs and probably also assumed two feet of snow would pretty much guarantee the cars getting towed.

which is what happened to my car, and what i’ll be dealing with after class.

the latest streak of bad luck continues…

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