like i said i spent a huge chunk of my saturday afternoon in line at the chicago auto pound. oh after six hours of class.

you can imagine the kind of mood i was in on saturday.

the auto pound in chicago is a trailer and a huge parking lot filled with piece of shit cars and criminals. okay i don’t know for a fact their criminals but they should be prosecuted for the way in which they handle themselves and the citizens of this city.

don’t even get me started on the crowd in line, waiting for their impounded cars.

i heard three people receive calls while we waited that were obvious drug deals.

one girl spoke to her mom for about twenty minutes about her boyfriend who had just gone to jail. on friday.

how can it take more than three hours to get the twelve people in line in front of me done and back in possession of their cars? it’s not like the process of running a car lot is rocket science.

i might even argue filling orders at mcdonalds is a more complicated task.

i don’t mean to suggest that giving people burgers and giving people cars is all that comparable…but it’s an A to B job.

everyone in line wants their car.

you have our cars.

tell us all what we need to do and we’ll do it.

for god’s sake.

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