tomorrow i leave for vegas which is starting to feel like a good time for that to happen based on the long and hard streak of bad luck i’d experienced.

which appears for the moment to have ended.

like britney spears career.

it feels over after the car getting towed and the phone getting lost and the wallet getting jacked (by a hooker). check my latest posts if you haven’t herd.


cuz then i ran into some signs of decent luck. like when i happened upon the gaming section of target right as the hipster stock boy unloaded six nintendo wii’s for that ass.

and i bought one for me and one for my friends who’d been looking for a month and my coworker tim bought himself one and all of a sudden there were three.

and they were gone three minutes later.

i’m telling you folks the luck is back.

which we all know are famous last words for a guy going to vegas.

you know bloggers who don’t blog are like drug dealers who don’t restock. don’t tease. don’t be that way.

one of my very favorite blogs and bloggers is named tink and her pic is the one above and she’s not just a great blogger but she’s a real blogger.

she probably would win an anna award from tony pierce if she blogged more.

when she brings it, she brings truth, and although at times her life is really hard, and her friends lives are pretty hard, she puts it to you straight and she exposes angles that most people keep to themselves. i check her site all the time, even though she’s let up on the blog in a big way lately.

then there’s jfrank, who has no idea that he’s a good blogger, and never will unless he keeps writing.

he’s unassuming and frank (literally), and although his blog has maybe six posts it’s already shown more potential than probably 60% of the blogs i’ve read.

he’s diamond in the rough. he’s a gamlber. he’s a math teacher. he’s a pimp.

he was born in cuba when castro sneezed on a cup of mother mary’s blood.

which makes him sorta mormon.

tell that wouldn’t make for good stuff.

ps. i need lucky numbers people. leave them in the comments…if i win you get 20%.

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