i’ve received blogdom lucky numbers of 22, 33, and an office suggestion of 2.

i took my change jar in and received $166.83.

i’ll chuck the $.83 into a fountain somewhere and wish for a pet unicorn, cuz those things don’t work anyway and if they do why not end up with a pet unicorn.

the rest is on the roulette table before i check into my hotel room. initially i was going to bet it all on black.

not anymore.

now here’s what i’ll do.

if none of those numbers is up on the board already, i’m splitting the money three ways onto each number.

like i said, 20% off the top to the owner of each number.

if any number’s on the board, i’ll wait til none are on the board and then play.

the extra dollar will be bet on black each time.

i’m borrowing luck.

that’s like borrowing cologne, i think.

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