well i tried to post a video for you but i don’t know what happened to it.

fuck youtube.

i came home from las vegas with a cold sore, southern comfort in my veins, and $1000 cash. ten one hundred dollar bills which were a result of some blackjack monday night which if it’d kept going would easily have been twice that.

the pit boss took the signal from above and shut down our table and thus our domination, which in vegas is the name of the game.

shutting down winners, that is.

on saturday it was simply a matter of bringing over the nice older man named carl or something, who cooled down our winning hands like he was born in the shadow of darkness.

i’m telling you this guy was a genuine cooler and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do about it.

but about that coldsore…a steady diet of bourbon and cigarettes, capped off with a monday night cigar is potentially the cause because herpes aren’t a possibility and neither is sugar or food for that matter because no joke i was cruising at a one meal a day average.

my first meal in vegas was saturday evening.

i left for vegas friday afternoon.

now someone needs to tell me why the chicago blue line is still going slower than my grandmother in the grocery store.

and wait til you hear about the playboy club.

or actually just go there like yesterday.

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