so last night i decided to try out my new blackberry and how it liked blogger, because so far i’ve been overly impressed with how it likes google.

hell i get my gmail right to my phone and it’s formatted just like gmail online and it’s nerdy sweet.

blogger…not so much. blogger’s just like most of the web from a mobile phone…it’s like reading an encyclopedia through a straw.

gotta figure that’ll improve.

so i was looking at my site today and realized that while i definitely like my site banner, which is a picture i took while driving down interstate 290 into the chicago loop (safe, i know), i’m thinking it may be time for an update.

and since the bloggers out there are known (in certain circles) to have such refined taste, i figured i’d solicit some feedback and/or submissions for a new banner for d-blogged.

“refined taste?”,
you might ask?

consider: it’s utterly tasteless not to have a blog.

so with that established i’d love to hear your thoughts. or see your banner-making skills.

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