i have been dealing with a pretty rough flu/cold (i don’t know the difference) and yesterday, during the nicest weather day in chicago in a very long time; 77 degrees and clear skies; i had to retreat home mid day to hole up and let the nasty microbes swimming through my body battle it out.

ugh. it was miserable.

i even had to forfeit my tickets to the bulls game last night, which would have been my first this season, would have been free, and included the added touch of the bulls wearing green uniforms this week in honor of st. patrick’s day.

that is kind of odd, in my opinion…but nonetheless i missed it.

which leads into the more exciting forecast for the week, and it’s not weather. we’re headed back down to the 30’s on the temp front, and even have possible snow tomorrow.

i wake up this morning and it’s sixty degrees. if i wake up tomorrow to snow i’ve officially had it with this city’s weather system.

no…we’re excited here about st. patty’s day. march madness.

both on the SAME DAY.

it’s like a lunar eclipse (although i’m sure it happens more often) to have the green beer and basketball opening weekend fall on one day, and i’m fairly sure this city is going to explode with celebration.

i almost don’t even know what to expect.

i mean…other than 12+ hour drinking sessions in sports bars, dancing leprechauns, alumni fights and wagers, and lots of yelling.

lots and lots of yelling.

i’m really hoping this pounding headache goes away.

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