much overdue weekend recap.

thursday still embattled with that nasty scruffy cold i took off from my top secret job to try and get some sleep. after a few hours rest i couldn’t hold off basketball much longer and met some friends at a local sports pub to watch the madness. the excitement of what tends to be one of my favorite weekends for sports was a bit muted by the pounding headache, but it helped that we weren’t in a smokers bar.

sidenote: as a smoker, i’m on the record as fully excited for the full smoking ban in chicago. let the pregnant mothers roll out each weekend. welcome to the smoker-hang outside restaurants and bars. rejoice…smoke inside is dirty and needless.

friday entailed a long morning trying to stuff myself full of the usual remedies (usual for a guy who never goes to the doctor – although this time was doctor-worthy and when i did see one early last week he did give me antibiotics, which is the coolest word).

antiboitics, advil, honey gulps, tea, fresh fruit, more tea, water, more honey gulps, soup.

felt pretty drugged out by about noon. took work calls on my cell phone, constanting doubting my ability to be social much less participate in the biggest basketball day of the year.

found myself in one of this city’s most popular sports bars for lunch and got right into the games.

maybe it was the tea.

or the prescription meds.

about twelve hours later i retrospectively wished the bar was also smoke-free, and i was ready for bed. bracket still intact (to later be demolished by texas…more on that later – maybe).

saturday; my brethren’s holiday. not to spout out, except for a spirited few hours with my youngest sister, who seems to be settling nicely into her own aura. her friends love her, and i love witnessing that, because i love her intensely and love the woman she’s become. sure, she’s in college and she’s usually partying, but she does it with a class and maturity she didn’t have two years ago…she does it with individuality and confidence, and nothing makes me prouder.

and on to sunday…which was a long day of relaxation and catch up. mounting some of my paintings in my thus far unadorned apartment.

it’s amazing how much art makes me feel at home.

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