stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.

just stop.

that’s what i’d like to offer whomever or whatever it is that’s responsible for the bad luck my car has had lately.

i’ve never caused a car accident in my life.

except this one time i hydroplaned in the rain one morning on my way to highschool but that time i hit a rather large worktruck’s bumper, no damage done, and we both went on with our days. i apologized profusely…yet there was no harm done.

i’ve never caused a bit of harm on the roads.

if you’re thinking of that DUI almost a decade ago…think again.

it was 10 o’clock in the morning.
smelling like alcohol doesn’t mean you’re under its influence.

so please…someone…explain why i’m cruising along at an average rate of one major automobile mishap a month.

someone show me where the logic and karma end and we get to my string of bad car luck.

last night someone hit my parked car on a street you could walk a parade down.

side swiped me and left no note,
no hint that anything had even happened.

this, a few weeks after i’m towed from near my home.

two months after the gear shaft casing
all goes to shit
and jams up permanently.

three or four months after the cup holder


you demented purveyor of bad luck and irony.

listen hard.

i’m not gonna take this laying down.

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