today is jay’s birthday.

there’s a few reasons i always forget how young jay actually is.

one is that he’s signifcantly taller than i am, and seems taller than most of the guys i hang out with.

i say ‘seems’ because i don’t actually know who’s the tallest of the crew, and i’m hoping to avoid a dick-measuring contest.

us short guys don’t pay attention to height-ego…call it an advantage to being short.

one of only a few i can think of.

the other reason i generally carry around the feeling that jay’s not a 1980 baby is that he’s the middle child of three boys, all of whom i personally think were created out of one egg…the latter two just hung out and fought in their mother, mona’s, womb for a few years.

as the middle child, though, jay’s getting the nod from me for seeming (there’s that word again) like he could be the oldest brother.

that’s not a knock to his older brother, who’s one of the coolest guys i know…but jay himself went from being a basketcase ball of constant mischief and trouble-making in his highschool years to the man he is today.

somewhere along the line he adopted a certain calm about him…a slower pace and a dose of humility that sets him apart from his two brothers, and the jay we all used to know.

jay is one of the most quick-witted and well-adjusted people i know.

his grip on pop-culture keeps us all on point.

his tastes for a hipper social scene add an element to our agenda that we might all pretend we don’t want, but in reality all very much enjoy.

his tight family, and bat-crazy (yet undyingly loyal and loving) mother conspired to produce a group of three boys that you can’t really talk about without mentioning the others, and all of whom carry around more doses of hilarity and quips than a travelling band of stand-up comedians.

jay’s a fixture in our chicago scene…much like myself he has a tendency to ‘do his own thing’ a lot…but he’s a necessary ingredient to what our group of old friends have come to appreciate as a living and breathing essence of friendship.

everyone at the same table is an experience.

that couldn’t happen without him.

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