festival season is starting in chicago.

festivals in chicago are about as hit or miss as the weather, which continues to be as schizophrenic as ever. kinda like my mood these days.

i was probably most excited for guinness oysterfest, because last year they held it right outside my place, and it felt like i was hosting the biggest summer get-together ever. until i realized i don’t have that many friends, and i don’t have semi-trailer rigs that serve guinness.

but i found out this year they’ve moved the oysterfest up-city towards roscoe avenue, and was sorely disappointed, as you might expect.

no more backyard festival.

no more illusions of popularity.

so the bulls are playing in fame four right now, and i just tuned in.

that’s the kind of sports fan i tend to be.

well look at that…the bulls are dominating the pistons right now by 21 with four minutes left, and we can all agree that if they lose this game, then writing this post was partially responsible.

it’s like mentioning a no-hitter in the seventh or eighth inning…


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