hope everyone had a great weekend. hope everyone had monday off.

i worked the bar at a music festival this weekend in chillicothe illinois. festival called summercamp, and did i say chillicothe yet cuz

what a great word.

so three days of camping out and serving beer and mixed drinks while bands that are certainly wonderful but quite unduly worshipped by people who are unemployed is over…

and hey, great weekend, great people, great food, and so much time on my feet i can’t feel them anymore.

i saw a guy riding his bicycle home from work today on milwaukee avenue, where they’re tearing up the road for oh at least the last four months and probably until 2009, and this dude did something i really honestly couldn’t believe.

he’s riding along the construction, and i watch him yank at the yellow police tape sectioning off the pits they’ve dug along the road, snapping it and letting it fall to the ground.

dude does this not once…but all along the construction site.

what kind of momentary but total lapse of human decency is that?

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