so everyone’s heard about the guy who slept with a rusty can of soda and contracted some devilish strain of tuberculosis, right?

the guy who they put under lock and key for the first time in like 50 years because if he so much as sniffed in your direction you’d fall down dead and bubbling all over the surface of your skin.

that guy.

anyway, there’s a few things that strike me as fishy with regards to this story outside of the fact that a guy got a disease apparently no one’s gotten in a very long time.

although, he does live in new york city…i think some diseases actually rent their own apartments in NYC.

so the CDC gets a hold of this guy’s blood sample, realizes it’s swimming with the godzilla of tb viruses, and tries to track him down. they find out he’s in italy for a wedding.

destination weddings = bestest.

they call him, say ‘get your butt to a hospital so they can fedex you home to us’, and what does he do?

from the new york times:

Officials of the federal Centers for Disease Control said they contacted the man while he was on vacation in Italy after they learned that he carried the dangerous strain of the disease and advised him to turn himself into Italian health authorities.

Instead, he made his way to Prague and flew from there to Montreal to avoid a United States no-fly list. He drove from there into this country until persuaded to go to a hospital in New York City.

!!! (not the band)

does this seem ODD to anyone else?

i get a phone call at a wedding in italy telling me i’m disintegrating inside and may have just exposed western europe to another plague and instead of seeking out medical assistance (although doesn’t italy have socialized medicine – the horror!) i decide to become a TERRORIST.

out of the blue.

i sneak into the country. (way to go homeland security…a bio-attack has obviously been well prepared for)

i head to the country’s most populated city.

i grab a latte and catch up on some news.

this strikes me as incredibly odd, and the fact that major news organizations haven’t yet identified this guy really gets my conspiratorial juices flowing.

and i really hate conspiracy theories.

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