today is amber’s birthday.

amber should have a blog because
i know
it’d be incredibly interesting.
i have no doubt she’s a beautiful writer.

and i can only imagine the stuff we’d get to hear about.

maybe she’d write about her experiences as a teacher with teach for america, where she transformed the hearts and aspirations of young children surrounded by strife and struggle.

maybe we’d hear about her childhood, which i know very little about except that it involved pretty extensive travel and i think she was born in south africa.

if that’s true, she the only person i know who was born in south africa.

if it’s not, she’s the only person i know that i THINK was born in south africa.

if amber had a blog maybe she’d show us pictures of the bay area and her new place in san francisco.

amber and i met in college a decade or so ago, long after the first time i saw her and decided we should be friends.

so initially
i just wanted a date.

amber was a bit of a rarity where i went to school.




that last one is what made her a rarity.

so there she was, with a sort of
that kind of hit me
and i don’t know if i said hi

or she said hi

but eventually we were friends.

in fact such good friends
that when she said she’d go to athlete’s formal
with me
and then said she couldn’t
and went with someone else

i was cool with it.

sort of.

some five years later we ran into one another,

and behold!

she’d turned into this complex,
gorgeous woman,

a mere shadow of the crazy young firecracker i knew so little of
back in college.

so today amber’s got a worldly thing going on.

she’s out to change the world.

and she’ll probably change the world.

but for today
amber’s the birthday girl
and for that one day each year

that’s all that really matters.

happy birthday, amber.

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