this weekend was rather random.

to start, nearly every memeber of the band* was out of town.

brady and i were in chicago, and the two of us really didn’t make any plans until they happened.

friday began in the big outdoor patio at justin’s. we met an old friend of mine there, and most of what i remember about the two hours we spent there involved a long argument as to whether detroit was a better sports city than chicago.

which, we all know, is ludicrous.

i think detroit lost on the premise that the red wings don’t count because hockey isn’t a professional sport anymore.

from there we happened to decide on gaslight, over on racine, where we ate better than average food. we decided not to paticipate in one of those $30 all you can drinks.

i undoubtedly spent more than $30 as a result.

saturday’s where things go a little more interesting.

for most of saturday, a beautiful sunny and hot day in chicago for you out-of-towners, brady and i rode our bikes to the old town art fair, and did the long walk up and down each side.

i have to say i was very impressed with some of the work there. especially the photography.

it dawned on me in one tent that one of the best jobs i can think of is probably as a travel photographer.

i can’t really even imagine how great that would be.

anyway, we began our night later at northside cafe on damen.

where conversation at one point touched on the fact that one of our friends had slept with a girl who’d slept with pauly shore.

which means he indirectly slept with pauly shore.

which is hilarious.

northside is also where we were unexpectedly witness to the fourth annual world naked bike ride.

as we sat outside the cafe, not ten feet away heading north up damen avenue appears a mass of completely naked bike-riders.

you can imagine the ruckus this caused at a crowded bar, much less near one of chicago’s busiest intersections.

droves of people poured onto the streets to cheer and take pictures, and as we stood around in disbelief it honestly felt like the sea of naked people would never end.

as you can imagine, it was all downhill from there.

how was your weekend?

*‘the band’ is the simplest way for me to refer to mself and five guy friends. three of them live together, five of us grew up together, and we tend to run around chicago together. when all six of us are in one place, ‘the band’s back together’.

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