so you may have noticed some yardwork around d-blogged.

yesterday afternoon i put up the new banner at the top of the page, based on my tattoo.

i figured the old one was up there for long enough,
and i got distracted on photoshop for the first time in a while.

also yesterday afternoon i reprimanded the only childhood friend i have that owns a blog for not blogging in months.

j frank made some subsequent promises and if he doesn’t live up to them, his link will be GONE from this blog’s blogroll.

the few other changes include that twitter updater, which i’m not sure is working correctly, and the urbandictionary word-of-the-day generator, which is just pure awesome.

last night a few members of the band had dinner at justin’s on southport, where the outdoor beer garden allows you to watch numerous sporting events at once, while enjoying some summer weather.

we witnessed the no-hitter in the detroit/milwaukee baseball game
the unravelling of the cleveland cavs and their NBA finals hopes
the absolutely pathetic extra innings showing by our beloved cubs
and a squirrel tightrope-walk a phone line AGAIN*.

brady struck up conversation with a cute young woman sitting next to him.
at first, the subject was tater tots.

which we all know is about the most romantic topic on earth.

and when the subject transitioned to what they each do for a living,
and this particular young woman happened to work
for the same company as
brady’s ex-girlfriend,


you can imagine the romance in the air.

*i’ve been to justin’s a few times already this summer, and every single time i’ve seen a squirrel using the phone lines above the beer garden as a thru-way. so many times that it’s noteworhty.

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