i was treated to a chicago cub’s game on saturday.

i’ve expressed my thanks to my host a few times already, but that’s mainly because i got to witness derrek lee take a swing at a man six inches taller than him.

it’s a good reminder that you’re not truly a die-hard baseball fan when you’re actually just hoping for a bench-clearing brawl every time you’re at the ballpark.

father’s day was a blast, but i have to say it was fortunate that checking out the cinematics at sub-t after midnight on saturday turned out to be somewhat underwhelming. had i been more into the show, i’m sure i would have had a hard time getting up early the next day.

as it was, i got more sleep than i’d planned on getting.

my beautiful mother cooked a killer late breakfast for the five of us, and afterward insisted on taking my youngest sister grocery shopping. i tagged along to pick up some wine, and mom graciously (and i guess somewhat predictably) wouldn’t let me pay for it.

my father revealed to me that he’s purchased or collected the equipment to start converting his vinyl record collection to digital media.

hearing this stated casually during breakfast by my father was so unexpected it was as if he’d just confessed that no…he wasn’t in human resources…he was actually a CIA agent who spent weekdays in montenegro diffusing nuclear warheads. would you pass the chardonnay?

nevertheless, the man is taking steps to preserve his very impressive vinyl collection.

i feel like someone implanted a chip in his head to allow for such a gigantic leap foward in his ability to manipulate today’s technologies.

it’s really not as if my father is totally out of the loop when it comes to technology…but until recently his very gradual technological progression (ditching dial-up, satellite radio, etc.) just seemed so mainstream. now he’s manipulating audio technologies.

it’s so hardcore.

my gratitude, of course, is endless. as morbid as it sounds…the one and only possession in our household that my father and i have discussed in a conversation that included the word “inheritance” was his record collection.

and what’s funny about that is that i’m fairly sure that it’s the only possession he has that he wouldn’t just hand over to me until he’s in the ground.

so for him to make a back-up copy, is, well, comforting.

i guess, in effect, we exchanged gifts on father’s day, huh?

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