i’m usually a late morning dumper.

today, and for the next three days (yeah, until sunday) i’m holed up in a hotel boardroom from early morning until late evening.

no one wants to dump in a hotel general bathroom.


those of you at work in your office buildings are used to whatever stall you’ve picked out.

you probably feel closer to your selected stall than

some of the people you work with.

i understand.

but when your schedule gets jocked because you’ve made some consuming commitment…

you’re forced to adjust.

which is why it’s 10:06pm and i just let it go.

at home.


i truly appreciate the suggestions as to how i can make use of the gift card.

i’m not sure yet as to whether i’ll acquire something from mr. bauer,

or pawn my card off on a website that’ll give me something close to it’s value.

but now at least i have options.

now since i’ve gotta get my ass back to the hotel with no place to ‘drop off the kids’ before the sun comes up, i bid you adieu.

although did you notice they finally may shut down our prison camp?

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