it’s 11:11pm on friday night

and i’m at home, in bed.

it’s gotta be this way, because that hotel gig i mentioned yesterday puts me there all weekend.

of course i’ll try to make it out a bit tomorrow night just so i don’t kill anyone on the road or snap at some innocent bystander before the weekend’s out…

cuz let me tell you…i’m reaching my wit’s end.

i should be at the double door right now, watching a jam session with some of chicago’s most talented musicians.

i should be at the waterhouse bar up in lakeview, where chicago’s best bar manager is having a shot war and promised to shoot first.

you know before i leave you i want to mention something that’s been making me happy lately.

for years and months and months and years i really had a hard time getting into any local blogs. chicago blogs. chicago bloggers.

it’s not always easy to find blogs based on the location of their writers, and of course those who favor their privacy or are just too fraidy-cat to be truthful in their blogs tend to mask those kinds of details.

that’s why i was excited when chicagobloggers launched, for obvious reason.

i’m a little bummed it’s gotten so jammed up with blogs that no longer exist, but it’s better than nothing.

anyway, point is, that was back then.

recently i feel very fortunate to have found writers around the city and surrounding suburbs that just rock on the highest level of rock.

people who have absolutely hilarious, informative, fun, engaging blogs.

right here in chicago.

if i had the energy right now, i’d name you all.

one day soon i will…

but until then, i just wanted that to be said.

wah wah sappy sappy SORRY.

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