yesterday’s weather in chicago was nothing short of a phenomenon.

the midafternoon downpour of somewhere around 4 inches literally flooded the city.

i was unfortunate enough to have been in the middle of running an errand to costco*, so when i walked out of the place and saw a wall of water just daring me to attempt a hundred foot sprint to my car, all i could do was laugh.

there were at least fifty people sitting under the awning looking bewildered and stranded, as if waiting for one brave soul to try and make it to their car.

i, of course, obliged.

when i finally slammed the door shut my pockets were filled with water.

every inch of me was drenched, as water spilled out of my sneakers, filled by puddles so deep it reminded me of riverwalking as a kid out in the suburbs.

which reminds me of a conversation i had last weekend with an old friend from the neighborhood, who said that kids in st. charles (hometown) are now bigtime watersporters.

a few of the youngins are apparently highly touted wakeboarders, to the point at which these kids are getting their own speedboats and sponsorships. they’re winning competitions.

they hit the water before going to school in the morning.

which left me with one resounding thought: damnit they’re so much cooler than we were!

*new ipod, yay!

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