doesn’t this city regulate construction?

i mean, there’s no doubt it’s the city’s favorite pastime besides arguing over major league baseball.

but isn’t there something, somewhere that says you can’t be hammering metal into metal before AT LEAST 7 am on a weekday?

my morning was one big confronation with construction.

i woke up to the sweet aforementioned sound of someone going to town on something HARD propped up against the side of my house, outside the same wall i lay away from; so a good twelve inches from my head.

at 6am.

after thinking i could just ignore it for a few minutes, i decided to get moving after one particular hammerstrike fooled me into thinking this particular person had decided to just move the project INTO my bedroom.

and all the way into work today, it seemed as if the city of chicago erupted into new roadwork projects overnight!

every road between my home and my office was now under construction.

it’s uncanny!

changing gears for a minute…

have you ever raised crows?

because in early spring a huge mamma crow chose my co-worker’s office as her nursury, and has since laid three eggs which hatched into three healthy babies.

it’s caused quite a scene around here, as said co-worker and others in the office have witnessed these young birds’ growth from no bigger than a business card into their current “regular huge crow” size.

not just our office either.

across the alley, employees of our neighboring building have discovered the nest.

they point and chat about the three young birds.

but now is the exciting time.

momma crow has sort of disappeared…forcing these three to step outside of their nest.

to hop around the fire escape they’ve spent every minute of their life on thus far.

and today

they flew.

two of them so far this morning.

the smallest is still feeling it out.

the bravest actually ascending up two floors.

the other, just a few feet onto a rail.

and while i gotta say i haven’t been all baby-geeked for these three birds,

it is a pretty darn amazing thing to watch this all go down.

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