my buddy brady and i tend to have long and sometimes heated music conversations.

he grew up surrounded by oldies and a father who’d pull out the music encyclopedia anytime he didn’t know the name of an artist or some other detail about a song he’d heard.

he might have picked that up in vietnam…i hear people got a little bored over there.

anyway, brady’s got roots in older music, and went through a heavy southern rock phase, and thus

tends to gravitate towards people who can actually play their instruments

and/or don’t end up in tabloids.

fuck american idol, basically.

and we share those foundations, although i tend to flirt a bit more with the stuff winning the popularity contest

or the PR contest

or whatever…i guess i’m always hoping something up there

looking down from the top of those provervial charts

will display something redeeming.

it rarely happens.

in the end, i guess i take a few catchy tunes with me
just based on their ‘dancibility’.

anyway, about once a week we put the question to our group of friends (usually while in a bar, listening to the aforementioned chart-topping pop-bunnies from some horrible jukebox):

what are you really digging right now?

which i thought i’d quickly share with you.

– game theory; the roots: mentioned this earlier, but the new roots album reminded me that i’m a big fan of hip hop. and strong messages. sidenote: (great t-shirt)

the k&d sessions; kruder and dorfmeister: i was looking thru some old cd’s recently, looking for workout music, and came across this forgotten jem. mellow, upbeat, hip, funky, and a hit-play-and-listen-to-the-end pick.

the preacher’s son; wyclef jean: wyclef’s first solo album, the carnival, didn’t leave my cd player until it was worn out ten years ago. i got curious about his current stuff when, while looking through those old cd’s, i came across lauryn hill’s solo project from around the same time. this more recent disk is a lot of fun, and wyclef just seems like he was there when i started caring about hip/hop and rap music (i’d have to put some credit on the fugees as well, obviously).

the garden; zero 7: great downtempo electronic beats, perfect for studying (which i’m doing plenty of these days. i loved their first album, and while i’m not sure if this one trumps it…it’s nice to have a new sampling from zero 7. they have such mellow, unique sound.

there you go…now you can sit down with us at the bar and jump right in with your suggestions.

and you have a decent idea

of what’ll be in my ears as i

fly to california tomorrow.

have a great fourht of july, if i don’t see you beforehand.

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