we all know how much i love san francisco.

i flew in so early on the fourth, that when i arrived at midway airport the ticketing booths weren’t open yet. i was taken aback…how could the ticket booths be closed? don’t they realize we all have to stand in line here, then get in line for security (NO LIQUIDS PEOPLE), and then get in line at potbelly’s or mcdonalds all BEFORE we go pass out on the ground in the B line hoping to get an aisle seat?

i fidgeted a bit, waiting in line with no sign of a southwest airlines worker, no inclination that they’d remembered those of us on the first flights out (on a holiday, no less).

until all at once the entire MORNING TEAM came pouring out of the back one by one, like a cheer-leading team taking the floor at halftime.

the flight was pretty non-eventful…for me. because i was fast asleep.

i do remember waking slightly at one point, frightful that i might start awake at some point later in the flight as the rather large woman inside me on the window climbed over me as i slept.

would she give me the ass or the crotch?


later that morning, as the nation began it’s celebration of our rather nasty breakup with longtime girlfriend great britain, i was driving in a caravan up from san francisco to marin county, to leave cars on the other side of the bay for our eventual use as a way home…after what looked to be a long day.

stashing the cars in tiburon, along the gated front lawn of tom perkins estate, we dashed back across the golden gate and made our way down to chrissy park, underneath the red/golden bridge and undoubtedly the SPOT to host your independence day barbecue.

when i say it was busy down there…i’m talking holy shit there’s a lot of people here.

chrissy park was a lot of catching up with old friends, throwing beach balls at our neighboring barbecues, and marveling at the views to be had in this beautiful city.

the park seemed to be divided terrain, with the anglo suburban looking types all in one area, and the pacific asian contingent in another.

we were in the asian plot, for whatever reason…and they seemed obsessed with mounting tarps above their respective camps, to shield off the sun.

it was quite a to-do…and i’m still unsure as to why. when they were ultimately unsuccessful, it really didn’t seem to matter much.

the rest of our independence day activities in a bit…i need some coffee.

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