as i’m sure most of you experienced, the holiday weekend just sort of flew by.

after our chrissy park excursion on wednesday, we tried to make a 5:15pm ferry out of pier 39 across the bay to marin county.

we made it


no one seemed to think about the fact that 1)pier 39 is nowhere near chrissy park, and 2)11 minutes is not enough time to get across san francisco, especially while everyone else in northern california is trying to do the same thing.

it was like a sitcom as we all piled out of our cabs, one group 5 blocks from the ferry, one group 6 or 7 blocks away, all 11 or 12 of us full on sprinting through the crowded streets of the san francisco waterfront (not uncrowded, mind you) hoping to get our asses onto the one ferry that would get us to our destination on time.

we did have one casualty…a lone young man i’m not entirely able to identify…who got left behind. poor sap.

the ferry ride was beautiful, as the picture with my previous post will reveal.

the picture attached to this post reveals the view we took in from our destination…an old friend of mine from college’s parents abode in belvedere, overlooking the marin and san francisco waterfronts.

pretty much the most perfect piece of real estate you can think of.

there we feasted on a diverse mix of marinated grilled meats, appetizers (guacamole, guacamole, and more guacamole for me), deserts, wine, beer, and the rest.

as the sun set marin county’s fireworks opened up the night sky, directly across from our perch and a few miles north of the golden gate bridge we’d just spent our afternoon under.

shortly thereafter, san francisco’s dual fireworks display launched into action, as we looked on with alcatraz splitting the bay between us and the shows.

as is always true in chicago, the city’s show was quite disappointing…although we were quite a distance away…

…and i use the term disappointing loosely,

as sitting on the roof of one of the most beautiful houses in northern california with a collection of old and treasured friends, eating the world’s most delicious food and by most measures pretty drunk does tend to make one’s disappointment next to impossible.

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