things i’m pretty excited about at the moment:

my new macbook – it dawned on me on my way to work today that i never have to drag a laptop back and forth from work and home again. i never have to worry about a virus (or at least…not for a long while). i probably won’t have to worry about my computer freezing when i’m using iTunes and the internet at the same time. crazy, i know.

vacation – friday i’m headed to NYC for three days, and then the real fun will begin. i travel upstate, into the adirondak mountains to a little town called lake luzerne, where i’ll reunite after another long year with more than 30 aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces in a rugged lakeside setting chock full of beach time, bonfires, scotch and cheap red wine.

for those of you who aren’t aware, lake luzerne is famous for a few things.

one) rachael ray grew up ten minutes away, in glens falls.

the nest famous person from these parts will probably be more along the lines of the uni-bomber.

two) bend of the river golf club. established in 1925, which was also when it was last maintainenced.

the location of our annual family classic golf outing, to take place next monday. of which i’m a defending champion, i don’t mind saying. i’m horrible at golf.


three) the painted pony rodeo. the oldest weekly rodeo in the united states. “where the pavement ends and the west begins.” i think that kind of speaks for itself.

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