if i could find a picture of myself right now, you’d think i’ve been microwaved.

my face is falling off.

i’m shedding like a baby snake.

sunday i played in a volunteer kickball tournament, which lasted all day on one of this summer’s most beautiful days. 80 degrees, sunny, from 9am to 6pm, every minute of which i was outside.

my irish heritage requires that i NOT spend all day in the sun but i do it anyway, and i do it knowing full well i’m headed to lobster-mania without melted butter. i eventually put on some sunscreen, but that was after more than one person looked at me with a mixture of concern and surprise.

the event was one of those volunteer events where you have access to free goose island beer ALL DAY and are actually active for a matter of maybe 2 hours, kicking a ball and running bases.

you know…those volunteer events that DON’T EXIST.

it was basically a group of about 1000 people drinking free beer in the sun for charity.

oh ryan sandberg showed up and looked uncomfortable talking to regular people.

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