i woke up this morning and for a second was convinced that i’m sick.

turns out i was wrong, or have ESP, which we won’t know until i do in fact get sick.

but i’m popping echinacea like meth heads pop, well, meth, because i really can’t get sick right now.

as a co-worker put it, there’s “no time to bleed…”

i’ve got a ton of travel ahead of me.

i’m in new york city this weekend, so if you’re reading this and you’re anywhere near new york city: mid-town saturday night, around 9pm.

then the following weekend i’m in california at my alma mater for my five-year reunion, which is strongly going to resemble senior year from what i’ve gathered so far. zott’s, friday afternoon. tailgate saturday. randomness in between.

only this time i’ll be sleeping in a hotel instead of a fraternity (hopefully).

then, as you all already know, we’ve got the arrival of a few college friends to chicago and a KILLER JERSEY PARTY. i’ve gotta find a jersey for that.

then it’s halloween and then it’s november.

the month in which i will turn 28 years old.

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