ah, and just as it seemed so far away, upon me is a trip to new york.

have i even considered what to pack?

of course not.

am i even sure i have a clean suit for the wedding?

no sir.

am i worried?

not at all.

although today now seems a bit crammed, what with my haircut in a few hours at strange beauty show, my soccer game up in river park at 8, and most obviously the second game in the cubs/d-backs drama.

which i’d love to be on the town for, if it weren’t for this damn packing ordeal.

it always seems like such a hassle to get from normal life onto the plane…pack, tie up loose ends, get to the airport, deal with security, swear openly in front of children about the crucial items you forgot…

as always, i look forward to that moment when you’ve sat in your seat, ignoring whatever the flight attendent is yapping about (this is how you buckle a seat belt), and completely devoid of any further control over your destiny for a good hour or two.

and did i mention i hate flying?

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