i’m about to leave to catch that flight i packed for around midnight last night.

i couldn’t find my camera, which really pisses me off because

a) pictures rule.
b) it’s my camera and i thus would like to have it in my possession
c) i always see the WEIRDEST shit at airports
d) wedding, hello
e) i know i had it, at home, after the wedding i went to last month.

i know i had it because those pics are on the web, so now i think i stashed it somewhere in my not large apartment never to be found by future me.

way to go past me…way to think ahead.

but i DID get my new phone about five minutes ago. i don’t think i told you about the phone situation.

my blackberry pearl all of a sudden stopped working.

more specifically i could only hear and talk to the person on the other end of the line if the phone was on speakerphone.

that makes for some ridiculous situations…running out of bars to catch calls i need to catch…answering calls and fumbling with buttons while driving to get speakerphone on before the person calling yells “HELLO?” for the fifth time.

you get the idea.

so tmobile is providing a “like new” replacement at no charge.

which i’m thinking means it’ll crap out inside of three months.

tmobile also offered to expedite shipping for $15 instead of the $9 they charged me for ground shipping, which i declined when the tmobile standing next to me silently whispered, “don’t do it…takes the same amount of time.”

thanks tmobile guy because that was tuesday, and it’s friday, and i have my new (like new) phone.

so i guess for $6 tmobile will beam you a new phone instantaneously.

so i bid adieu, chicago, with your perfect weather and missing cameras.

if you need me i’ll be in queens.

cuz i’m from the block like that.

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