i apologize for the relatively vulgar post from late saturday night, early sunday.

after a really nice wedding on long island and a long after party in the crowe plaza near laguardia airport, i was not only a bit sauced, but excited at some positive news from a team i support.

the chicago cubs went down in a ball of flames, but my alma mater’s football team, lead by the venerable jim harbaugh, marched into los angeles colliseum on saturday and beat the USC trojans on their home turf.

stanford snapped a home winning streak for the trojans dating back to september of 2001, also a loss to our stanford cardinal.

i remember that game, because it was two weeks after the twin towers fell, and as such our soccer schedule had been adjusted to keep us off of airplanes. i believe the football team avoided the air for that game, instead opting for a bus ride down the coast.

so along with the bears victory last night against our ultimate rivals in green bay, the weekend’s sports news hasn’t been all bad.

i think it helps that disappointment at wrigley field is generally to be expected.

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