i just got to my hotel in palo alto, california.

as expected the weather is perfect.

and the cab from the airport cost me $48.

damn this place and it’s unwaivering perfect weather and astronomical prices.

the cab ride from the airport took maybe 20 minutes. the same $48 dollar cab ride from either airport in chicago would get you to northern michigan.

so i’ve been on the ground about an hour, and already the phone just won’t stop. texts and phone calls and efforts to all end up in one place is in full effect, and only about ten percent of the eventual crowd is even in town. many are just heading straight to the bar from the airport later.

ah, reunion weekend.

i flew through LA (what up tony pierce) which is always an entertaining flight. everyone who’s destination is actually LA is easy to spot. it’s not even the constant cell phone use (i should talk) or the sun-kissed tans they all sport…it’s this awkward attempt at hip or stylish or cool. even the old fogies…the guys have blond highlights, seven for all mankind jeans, maybe a guitar in tow.

the guy in my row had to be pushing forty, and he was sporting a mandolin. i really had to wonder how good he plays mandolin. and why.

but i joke…LA’s a lot of fun and everyone there isn’t like that.

just the people on my southwest flight from chicago.

and don’t forget the mothers, kids in tow, looking like models. can’t complain there.

if you’re in northern california right now, get yourself over to the dutch goose…we got some deviled eggs, liars dice, and pitchers of beer to tackle.

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