as expected, i haven’t fully recovered from the weekend out in california.

i’ve also missed a birthday post for my buddy braden, who turned 28 last friday, and who is one of the two men-of-the-hour’s this friday at the JERSEY PARTY you’re all invited to.

i feel okay about the birthday post thing though, because i honestly haven’t even seen the kid since last wednesday, so in my mind his birthday didn’t really happen yet.

so what jersey are you wearing friday?

i’m wearing a 10+ year old jersey that i got in rural holland when i played soccer there as a kid. team called heerenveen and i’m sure i spelled that wrong.

it’s red and has hearts on it and in general it’s pretty damn comical.

a good blend of funny and weird and unknown.

i’ll take a picture of it and show it to you.

oh, and i also missed blog action day and i’m kind of upset about that.

go environment!

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