so tonight’s the jersey party, and we’re all gonna look rockin.

last night i took my three buds from california to a new place in wicker park called boundary, and i’m pretty sure i’m never welcome back.

a few highlights:

an ice fight broke out. i’m not sure who started it, but when the limes and other condiments at the table started flying, our server stopped showing up.

we found two of our seven later in the night sitting with the waitstaff eagerly folding napkins and sorting silverware.

when we finally made it home, all the furniture was pushed aside and an emphatic Wii bowling competition took place. for some reason the front door was open the whole time, and with all the yelling and, well, full on bowling going on, i’m surprised i haven’t heard from the neighbors yet.

tonight should be even better.

i sort of want to be this guy gunther for halloween.

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