i’ve been so busy over the last 14 days that i haven’t had any time to reflect on what’s happened.

yesterday three of my closest college friends flew home from chicago, after three days and three nights of meeting everyone, touring the city, and nightlife.

as i’d made abundantly clear, the centerpiece of the weekend was the jersey party i threw at waterhouse in lakeview, which in my estimation was a better party than our new years extravaganzas in past years.

people love jerseys.

or costumes, for that matter.

there’s certainly something existentially revealing about how much people love to dress up, but for the moment i’ll leave that alone.

so, friday.


almost everyone wore a jersey. i’m still trying to decide which was my favorite, but i honestly think it comes down to the two birthday boys.

one the left, below.
kevin, on the right.

travis’ jersey was a late friday thrift store find. skin tight and baby blue, the front read “Rack Attack” and featured a fist crushing two baseball bats in half.

the back had a sponsorship from “Corkie’s”.

it cost $0.50.

kev’s was a ragstock find (also kind of a thrift store), and as you can see, read “Lamplighter Lounge” in eightie’s cheesy bowling movie-ish lettering across the chest.

the back featured the name “HERM” in upper-case caps above the number “34”, which i loved because it was my jersey number throughout highschool.

i don’t there’s anything more fitting than the two guest’s of honor sharing the Jersey Party 2007 Best Jersey Award, so that’s the way it’ll be.

other jersey party highlights…

the waitress didn’t bring anyone any change. ever. you gave her a fifty for that jack and coke, well, it just cost you fifty bucks.

there were at least five people wearing green bay packers jerseys. next year there will be a cap on that.

sports represented, off the top of my head: football, soccer, hockey, baseball, softball, raquetball, nascar, bowling, rugby, volleyball, and the lamplighter lounge (???).

favorite line from a waitress (the thief) was, “if you don’t put your shirt back on you’ll probably get kicked out of here.”

good times.

such good times.

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