okay, chicago’s starting to get cold again.

i guess it’s pretty fitting that right after kevin, we call him braden, turned 28, chicago got all cold on us.

he loves that chicago gets cold.

as you all know, we celebrated braden’s birthday last weekend with a blowout jersey party, during which i saw him take at least 20 shots.

it didn’t slow him down.

he was still dancing at midnight and as co-champion of the jersey award i think all in all it was a good night.

braden and i go a bit deeper than the typical drinking buddies thing, which i’m sure if you’ve read this blog much starts to become pretty clear.

he’s always been one to speak his mind. to face his emotions. to challenge his fears.

and he’s always carried around a knack for letting people be who they are…as someone who’s emotionally open, he’s alright with others not sharing the same tendency.

we’re probably good friends because i’m openly emotional as well.

in your life you’ll have a short list of people you can go to with the real stuff. the weakness, pain, fear, and worries. the people you can lean on when you need a crutch. the people you can trust to give you honest advice when you least want it.

that’s what i’ve got in this crazy kid braden, and for that i’m glad his parents did it once 28 years ago.

happy birthday brady.

here’s to the next 50.

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