somewhat recently this little online community popped up over at Ning, a web-based social networking site (a la facebook, but different).

the community is called “20something bloggers” and it’s a place for, duh, twentysomething-year-old bloggers to connect, find one another, and widen their audience.

never one to miss a good party, i joined earlier this month and was surprised at not only the quality of writing over at the other members blogs, but at the general enthusiasm these interesting people have for blogging and especially…other twenty something bloggers.

writing can be a difficult task.

usually when one writes, they have a reason for doing so…a standard or a goal they (or someone else, if you’re in a writing class) hold themselves to as part of the whole exercise.

blogging’s like that.

sometimes, i just can’t seem to start typing.

sometimes that’s just because i’m distracted. sometimes it’s because i don’t think i have anything interesting to say (i know, i know…that’s just plain true).

but for whatever the underlying reason, expressing yourself to strangers and friends alike, day after day, can be a difficult practice to maintain.

hell…didn’t i take like the entire month of august off?

you should laugh…because i’m sure i can count the number of people reading this on one hand, and thus really shouldn’t worry about the quality of this writing or even the frequency of that production.

if you were to start a blog (assuming you don’t have one) i’d tell you just that – just write everything, and don’t worry about any of it.

either way, what’s fun about this new little network over at Ning is that it possesses an aura of creativity, chatter, and blogging, blogging, blogging. i can’t say the same thing about dinner with the fellas, or a night on the town in chicago. finding a room full of bloggers is a rare but very entertaining fortune.

expect to hear more on and of the twentysomething group, as i’ll probably try to have some of them post here.

until then, head over there and find some new reading material.

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