two weeks ago i flew out to california for my five year reunion.

sitting in my hotel room i posted on this blog, and then jumped on a proverbial slide that didn’t let off for four days.

when i look back, i wish it could have been a bit longer, and a bit less hectic.

almost immediately the phone calls and texts were flying around palo alto, as people touched down in airports, checked into hotels around town, and ran around meeting old friends for a ‘quick bite’ or to ‘take a quick look at campus’.

we’d all began emailing long before the weekend, hoping to put together some sort of rough itinerary to give everyone a shot at catching up with the crowd if they got lost, missed a ride, or had other places to be.

the itinerary started at a hole-in-the-wall bar called the dutch goose, where a pitcher of light, a fresh burger, a bag of peanuts (for peanut races), and two deviled eggs runs about 10 or 15 bucks.

this became the holding grounds for everyone who’d arrived…as the night got later, more people reached us at ground zero and experienced the awkward, “oh my god! how have you been??” conversation over and over again until someone mercifully handed you a beer.

i gotta tell you…

the campus is beautiful and familiar, like a distant home. the bars and the food and the neighborhood are too.

but college is just the people.

it’s all about the amazing, crazy, diverse people who happened to be on that patch of earth while you were running around on it.

…the rest of our california itinerary later.

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