20 Somethings for Charity

The level of cool that young people doing charity reaches is a level of cool that’s otherwise pretty tough to reach.

I’ll be the first to admit that my intent goes further than my charitable production.  I should do more.

When Nicole and Lisa approached me about using our respective networks to get a movement going, I was so into the idea I nearly exploded with excitement.  I told my buddies offline.  I got impatient about it, which is always how I know I’m amped up about something…usually I’m a pretty patient person.

Nicole is obviously doing incredible things with HandsIn, the world’s first fully interactive charity network for twenty-somethings, and if you haven’t joined up over there you should.  Nicole got wind of charity : water’s impending beta launch of their digital tools to help groups raise $5000 to sponsor the building of a freshwater well in its entirety, and she and Lisa got to work brainstorming a way to get it done with twenty-somethings.

Why not bring together the 20 Something Bloggers network, where Nicole, Lisa and I met one another, and Nicole’s ridiculously awesome group of do-gooders to put a joint effort into the cause?

Why not build a twenty-something well?

Immediately we knew we could raise $5000.  The best way to do it was to get people involved with a few bucks here, and a few bucks there.  Our goal quickly became ‘lots of little donations‘, because not only are times a little tough, but charity : water has ingeniusly structured themselves to allow for every penny of each donation to go directly to the cause.

That means we can round up 5000 people willing to donate a buck.

We felt 1000 people willing to donate $5 was a little more rational, but you get my point.

The world’s changing quickly, and the way we all interact online with one another, information, news, and ideas is fueling a new economy and a new way of accomplishing goals.  Barrack Obama’s strategy was in the same vein; the numbers are out there…millionaires aren’t the only source of funds anymore.  Who better to prove that fact (prove it again…you did place Barrack in the White House after all) other than the most digitally savvy generation on earth?

So a big huge thanks to Nicole for being such an incredible person; you have an aptly named blog, because you are better.

And endless love to Lisa, who’s not only a killer partner in digital crime, but right at this very moment teaching underprivileged children in Kenya both Physics and Physical Education.

I’m surrounded by cool.

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