planning for new years 08 has begun.

as you’ve probably noticed on the blog my friends and i have a blast planning parties, dating all the way back to our first Summer of Single party.

that party took place on july 2nd, 2003…not long after i moved back to chicago but DAMN a long time ago.

back then i was writing a different blog, called psychoticnormalcy, which i’d started while i was in college. the whole damn thing got erased, which was a real disappointment because some of the stuff was really great. some of it got quoted in newspaper chains, and some of it really captured major turning points in major relationships i had back then.

back then i was also unemployed for a bit, and back then i lived at home with my parents for a bit.

a lot’s changed.

since then there have been

FOUR annual Summer of Single parties, celebrating the youth-ful single lives of myself and our tight group of friends.

THREE joint birthday parties for myself and kahl over thanksgiving weekends…the fourth on its way shortly.

THREE blow-out new years parties with our good friend and bar scion danny latino,

NUMEROUS birthday parties, random events, barbeques,

and of course

ONE jersey party.

i have to say, these parties are like fine wine.

this year, for new years, anyway, we’ll be changing face and doing it all in SOUTH LAKE TAHOE.

if that’s not a step up from paying $75 to drink for five hours in a bar surrounded by 40 mile/hour freezing winds in chicago,

i don’t know what is.

now all we have to do is get ourselves there.

why is it so damn expensive to get from chicago to tahoe?


cuz it’s TAHOE.

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