it’s NOT that i’m suggesting the world has come to an end.

i wouldn’t be that dramatic.

it’s that i have this nagging feeling that i want the world to come to an end.

rolling stone’s mellisa maerz:

Robert Frost said the world will end in one of those two ways, consumed by passion or frozen by rationalism, and it’s clear which option Brit will take. But meanwhile, she’s gonna crank the best pop booty jams until a social worker cuts off her supply of hits.

rated: 3.5/5

entertainment weekly’s margeaux watson:

Well, brace yourself for the biggest shock yet: Blackout — a collection of well-produced, thoroughly enjoyable dance songs — may just put this once-celebrated pop star back on top.

rated: B+

the guardian’s alexis petridis:

Faced with a public image in freefall, an artist has two options. One involves making music that harks back to your golden, pre-tailspin days with lyrics underlining your complete normality…The other is to throw caution to the wind: given your waning fortunes, what’s the harm in taking a few musical risks?

Happily, Blackout..opts for the latter course, unleashing a torrent of ferociously distorted synthesizers, electronically treated vocals, snapping drum samples and bovver-booted glam rock beats. The results are largely fantastic.

rated: 4 stars

i’m downloading this album right now (no, i’m not paying for it, and i don’t feel bad about that) because i literally can’t believe someone said something positive about it.

ha…rich over at fourfour puts this well:

I figure that Brit’s just doing what she does (acting like a puppet) incredibly well here, and I’m fine with it. Faulting her for having nothing to say is like faulting Cheetos for making your ass fat and fingers stink.

i’d never thought about it that way.

i’m interested to hear what tankboy thinks.

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