welcome to november, where the player’s play.

and where every day, right here, you’ll get some words.

it’s going to be an interesting month for me. and i’ll tell you why (because you asked).

first of all, i’m going to begin writing a book. i’ve been putting this off for about a month, when the idea sort of hit me during a long jog through river north.

you might think the jogging or the river north neighborhood had something to do with the decision to write a book…but unfortunately i can’t come up with a connection.

so we’re talking a book unrelated to jogging and chicago neighborhooods.

although we are talking non-fiction.

more on that, and how much i end up regretting that decision, later.

in addition, i have an eerie feeling (halloween was just yesterday, people) that while two three of my five six closest chicago guy friends are in committed relationships we’ll be adding another to the list.

that seems a safe bet due to two factors; the other three are in various states of negotiation (if you will) and november can be somewhat frigid in these parts (thus promoting snuggle time).

i’m not calling anyone out here…i really want all my buddies to find happiness. i’m just saying that by my records four of us are single on paper, and the paper may change (or may have already changed and i’m not aware).

we’ll see.

sidenote: evidence suggest i’m undoubtedly the least attractive person i hang out with. i could in no way be speculated into a relationship anytime soon.

then, of course, comes the month’s big holiday.

which you all know doesn’t involve turkey.

it involves myself and kahl turning 28 years old, and hosting a joint birthday party.

i’m making an assumption here too…we haven’t agreed to continue the tradition yet, but i guess it’s obvious as to where i stand.

so now i ask you, dear readers…what’s on tap for your november?

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