that’s my little cousin in france.

celebrating halloween like a true little kid.

so this morning an older gentleman scoffed at me, and completely unprovoked, threw a rude comment at me as he walked away.

i’m almost entirely of positive demeanor, so this isn’t about me whining or claiming my day’s been ruined.

don’t get me wrong…some tired senior citizen turning his nose at me isn’t gonna ruin my weekend.

i am a bit concerned for him, obviously…how down must you be to make a snide comment at a perfectly friendly (and incredibly attractive as we determined yesterday…okay no) young man minding his own business. i was actually giving him a very friendly look.

as he walked away, i just couldn’t help overthinking what that guy’s morning must be like. what kind of day he had ahead of him. whether or not he regretted treating a total stranger like a second class citizen.

the evidence was obviously scant. in our brief encounter i saw a somewhat disheveled man of retirement age, unattended hair on a balding head, and a black leather bag overstuffed with papers and a copy of the RedEye – a chicago daily comparable (in depth, anyway) to the new york post.

bah. poor guy.

tonight i’m taking my beautiful mother to the season opener for our chicago bulls.

i’ve managed to secure season tickets this year, which is exciting having grown up during michael jordan’s complete dominance of all things sport. i think my mom’s a bit flattered i asked her to come with me to the first game this year…but come on mom.

you’re my mom!

if she wasn’t headed there with me tonight, my guess is it’d be early january before she realized the season started.

what’s everyone up to this weekend?

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