last night’s bulls game was a disappointment as a fan, but a blast because of mom.

every time someone on the 76’ers shot a freethrow she’d squirm and say MISS IT MISS IT quietly in a screechy kind of way. after the first quarter she turned to me and said ‘can we get a drink here or no?’

momma doesn’t mess around.

today i’m feeling a bit frisky…but i can’t figure out what i want to do. certainly not anything i SHOULD do.

a few ideas i’ve had so far:

  • get on my bike and ride up lake michigan with my camera until i can’t ride any longer.
  • go to a bar and watch football and eat good food.
  • go to the grocery store and come up with something complicated and tasty to cook (this is a more of a sunday thing, though)
  • hole up here and paint a few of the paintings i’ve been planning to paint.

    i really don’t know what’s on tap, so i’ll have to bid adieu and start figuring it out.

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