(20SB is blowing up)

the 20 Something Bloggers community has literally blown up in 2008.

i think when i joined there were just under 300 members.

in fact, i just confirmed that.

on december 12, 2007 we had our 300th member join, and i commemorated that momentous event with this forum post.

crazy, cuz we’ve now got more than 3,000 members.

if you’re in your twenties and you’re blogging, join up because it’s a kickass place for everyone to hang out.

not to mentioned we’ve got contests, featured bloggers (i was lucky to be honored early on), and meetups galore.

our next chicago meetup is going to be november 21st.

and we’re throwing a big inaugural meetup in boston the weekend of june 25th in boston, so consider yourself warned.

just wait til you see what we’re cooking up for boston.

it’s gonna rip your face off.

in a good way.

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