well dinner last night was predictably delicious, and i did manage some leftovers for the bachelor pad. tonight or tomorrow should see those attacked for good measure.

my cousin’s flight was delayed, due to winds in the chicago area.

which i can only assume is the second lamest excuse the airlines could come up with.*

so i stopped by the restaurant and had a glass of wine while the patriots finished off the colts and the two of us discussed recent family developments before my (emotional) mother arrived.

the family stuff will have to wait, as i’m a bit rushed today.

mom was having a rough day, so we got her some bruschetta and a glass of cabernet. she settled down a bit and we all caught up on each other.

mom’s already begun her christmas/birthday shopping, which i find amazing and cute, and also forces me to start figuring out what i’d like from them for both occasions. what do i want for my birthday? a little help here!

dad’s been seeing plays, like he always does, and was reading a book about enlightenment when i walked up to meet him at the restaurant’s bar. i don’t know anyone else who reads philosophical books in italian bars while watching sunday night football.

but that’s why i love the guy.

monica’s flight finally arrived and as i did my second swing through o’hare airport and we rode back to the parents and the italian food, i realized how nice it is that one of our chicagoland highways has actually finished some of its improvements, with a speed-through toll that’s about five lanes wide.

in this neck of the woods, completed construction projects are a rarity.

having noticed the tangible improvements to this particular stretch of the highway, i mentioned to monica how much i was now looking forward to the eventual convenience of many different projects in chicago…most notably the upgrades to our rail system.

having avoided the blue line for nearly four months due to ridiculous slow zones, service lapses, crowds, and other inconveniences, i’m eagerly awaiting the finish line.

a blue line with no delays.

a faster train.

public transportation that actually doesn’t make your life miserable.

i’m just hoping that day comes before i retire.

as i run off to indiana, check out this article in the new york times travel section highlighting my neighborhood!

* the lamest being ‘we forgot to take off on time’.

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