this morning i want to put the focus on two other bloggers who’ve been nominated for the 2007 weblog awards, and ask you to go vote for them.

there might be a few other blogs i read nominated, but i haven’t had a chance to really look at all the nominations. if you think i read your blog (or should) and you’ve been nominated, let me know!

the first is a blogger i just came across through the 20somethings blogger group, who’s apparently exploded onto the scene, as her blog appears to be a young one, with posts dating back to earlier this year. joanne over at the laidback buddhist is up for best diarist, and she could use your help because she’s running a close race.

joanne’s blog is in the same vain as mine, i’d say, in that it appears to be a place for her to just put down her thoughts and experiences.

no real agenda or specific topic. personal.

vote for joanne here.

now the second vote you need to cast is for raymi, of raymitheminx fame, who i’ve been reading for years and years and who’s made herself into a veritable celebrity with her rants, pictures, beautifully spastic and eloquent prose, and general uniqueness in the blogosphere.

i can say this with confidence: there is NO WAY any of the other nominations in the best canadian blog category deserve it more than raymi.

she’s an institution. she fills a space that no other blog fills.

vote for raymi here.

you can vote every day until thursday.

vote now and vote often.

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