today’s been a pretty full day! hence the late blog post, which i know you were all eagerly anticipating.


i spent all morning cramming for a…well, we’ll call it a diagnostic exam. let’s just say it was important, and i was fortunate enough to do very well on it thank you very much.

while i was cramming i came across a cry for help from rachel elizabeth over at confessions of a true jersey girl who’d had her rss feed snagged from her in a site redesign.

after the test i was able to get her site working again, which is fortunate because she’s a damn good blogger. you can tell she likes writing and she likes sharing and she’s straightforward, which lends her a certain amount of credibility other sites don’t have.

and people from jersey are just hilarious.

actually, my cousin monica, who stopped into chicago for dinner last weekend, is from jersey and we had a conversation about how her sister is kinda “turning jersey”.

states that have a state-specific condition are funny.

feel free to add your input here, but this is my impression of jersey:

  • likes bruce springsteen
  • has a jersey accent, which is kinda country, kinda boston, and kinda east coast

    and with that i just realized i really have no idea what it means to be jersey.

    but isn’t it funny how some states or areas just have a reputation?

    southern california: surfers, stoners, space cadets
    texas: (guys) arrogant, big wallets
    wisconsin: they all like cheese and the packers.

    that last one’s true, actually.

    i’m also done making sweeping generalizations here before i get in trouble.

    enjoy your hump evening everyone.

    i mean that.

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